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The shoulder elbow platform studies are founded by Michel van den Bekerom and Derek van Deurzen; Orthopaedic Surgeons specialized in Shoulder & Elbow pathology. Wouter Mallee, Job Doornberg, Diederik Meijer, Femke Claessen and Hassanin Alkaduhimi helped with developing this platform.

The goals of the Shoulderelbow Platform studies are to: (1) facilitate online interobserver reliability and diagnostic accuracy studies in the field of orthopedic Shoulder and Elbow injuries; (2) offer a platform to educate Residents by first collaborating in these studies and credited as a co-author; and (3) as well as to stimulate and educate Residents to take the lead in this type of research and so formalize their curiosity by taking the first steps in the exiting world of Shoulder and Elbow Orthopaedic research. 

This scientific platform is a worldwide collaboration of experts in the field, that all have the same goal: Improving the understanding of shoulder and elbow pathology and improving care for patients.  The goal of the shoulderelbowplatform Study Group is to perform 4-8 studies each year. The outcome of these studies will be published in peer reviewed journals. If you are interested please press the link below.




Please fill out this form (following the link above) when you are available for future studies and surveys.

Your participation to each study will be awarded with an authorship as a member of the Shoulder Elbow platform Study Collaborative, with a hit in Pubmed under your name.(e.g. ).


Thanks in advance for your willingness to collaborate.


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